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Our shared vision for a sustainable future.

Hillsboro 2035 Community Plan

Our shared vision for a sustainable future.

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A Shared Vision for Our Community

In 2035, Hillsboro is an inclusive, welcoming multicultural community that supports a resilient, world-class economy and dynamic urban tapestry while continuing to honor its agricultural heritage and commitment to environmental stewardship.

Our Shared Vision

The Hillsboro 2035 Community Plan is our shared vision for Hillsboro’s future and a detailed action plan for working toward that collective vision. The ideas in the plan are based on input from thousands of community members in cooperation with local organizations who have agreed to share implementation responsibilities. The plan was developed by a volunteer, community-led task force representing a wide variety of interests to ensure the Vision retains a broad community focus.

Share Your Ideas

Do you have an idea for Hillsboro’s future? We want to hear from you!

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