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Hillsboro 2035 ANNUAL AWARDS

2019 Outstanding Individual - Cindy Cosenzo

Cindy founded AgeCelebration in 2003, and in 2008, began a personal journey to help foster a stronger sense of community in Hillsboro. She started a volunteer initiative called My Hillsboro Creates Community and has continued to create new programs and partnerships that benefit and connect Hillsboro Community members.

Cindy has also been an active member of the Hillsboro 2035 Outreach Team helping to collect community ideas for the year five update of the Hillsboro 2035 Community Plan.

Cindy's contagious enthusiasm and love of Hillsboro is exemplified in everything that she does. She epitomizes the true spirit and essence of the 2035 Plan - the Hillsboro community.

Steve Callaway, Kyle Allen, Cindy Cosenzo, and Ted Vacek

2019 Outstanding Organization - Hillsboro Youth Advisory Council

The Hillsboro Youth Advisory Council (YAC) has helped to ensure the youth voice is part of many major Hillsboro-based initiatives over the past several years. YAC members serve on many local boards and committees, including the Hillsboro 2035 Oversight Committee and Hillsboro Sustainability Task Force.

In addition to sharing their ideas at meetings, they also engage their peers in public planning processes. The YAC also led the charge on researching and developing the City's new Sustainable Shopping Initiative, which is now a model for the State of Oregon.

Hillsboro Youth Advisory Council